Charlie Foster’s is a coffee shop with a purpose…to model inclusion to our community. We believe that our friends with intellectual and/or physical disabilities are valuable members of our team and give us an element of diversity that makes each of our team members better.

Charlie Fosters is a Multi-Roastery coffee shop

We are dedicated to leading the community to inclusion and to providing high quality coffee. This isn't your local pour, grab and go coffee shop. We make our own specialty blends in-house. If you're a chocolate lover, you have to ask about our Mocha. The best in town :) See you soon!

Charlie Foster’s is more than just a coffee's a community! Whether you're an engineer or a business owner, whether you're young or old, whether you need a place to meet or a place to belong, our diverse atmosphere is meant to feel like home. Located at Stovehouse, you can also enjoy the open area and listen to your favorite local band! We can't wait to see you!