Ladies Day

Ladies Day

 Who runs the world? Girls! Beyonce told us that, but let’s be real, we knew it already. For all of our world running ladies, we have a special treat for you. Here at Charlie Foster’s we are dedicating Saturday, July 31st to you. All day long, from 8:30 Am to 7:00 PM, you can come in and get 10% off all items at Charlie Foster’s. Yes, ALL items. That way you can use what you save to treat yourself two times, making this deal twice as nice. 

Along with Charlie Foster’s banging coffee and food, we will have four other women-owned businesses, offering great deals by the way. 

Just because we run the world, doesn’t mean we have to look like it. Join us and Julia from Guava and Glow facial studio, to treat your skin well. Guava and Glow gives your skin a recharge with facials like the Guava Glow-Up and Bling, Bling which will definitely leave you feeling like a million bucks. Taking it one step further, because sometimes our skin needs a little more umph, Guava and Glow also have a BOTOX Cosmetic Treatment to ease those signs of stress. On Saturday, they will be offering 15% off facials and 10% off injectables. When all you’ve got to lose is wrinkles, how can you say no?

Being the boss also means looking like it, but with more flare because ladies always do it better. Come and see Jess from Refuge Boutique to find the style for you, with an added bonus of 15% off. Whether you’re dressing it up, or dressing it down, Refuge Boutique has an outfit for any occasion. Our favorite, of course, is the Coffee Girl Sleep set because even when we’re sleeping, we look good. The new Green Athena Dress at Refuge Boutique is definitely a night out to go to. You can finally strut the streets in a dress that was literally made for your inner goddess. She’s even got your sweat session fit in check with the Hope Short Set in Dusty Lilac or Pewter. Perfect for one of your classes with our next two businesses, Burn Collective and F45 Training. 

Heather from Burn Collective will be offering a nice and sweaty free cardio yoga class. Stretch and burn the troubles away with this one. A fusion of pilates, yoga, and HIIT, Burn Collective provides vital deep stretching with cardio and rehabilitation exercises. Your body will be thanking you for the love you give it with these styles of workouts. Not only will you get to experience a free class on Saturday, but you will also get a full week of free classes with Burn Collective. Go and try out a Vinyasa flow to gain flexibility and challenge your stamina, or challenge yourself even more with Yoga and Pilates Burn classes where the moves are paired with heart-pumping goodness.   

The only thing that is even better than being a boss lady is being surrounded by a group of boss ladies. F45 Training offers lively workouts with a team. Kobi will be providing a week of free training sessions for every lady that shows up on Saturday. You can experience a week of hybrid-style training that incorporates resistance and cardio. With only 45 minutes of work set for you, there is a guarantee that every minute is put to good use. You’ll be able to bask in the glory of your hard work with other hard-working women, cheering each other on one minute at a time because F the haters, right?

Saturday is going to be, undoubtedly, a great day. So bring your girlfriends, or, if you aren’t a lady, bring the ladies in your life to come out and celebrate Ladies Day on Saturday, July 31, at Charlie Foster’s. Let’s run this world girls!

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