Employee of the Month

Employee of the Month

Every great establishment recognizes an excellent employee; they reward the person who has been outstanding in their work performance and goes the extra mile. That type of recognition is what we felt our employees at Charlie Foster’s deserved, except we wanted to make the reward a tad sweeter. How so, you might ask.  We decided that the employee of the month would be able to pie Billy, our great team manager here at Charlie Foster’s, in the face. Because, let’s be honest, nothing feels better than pieing someone in the face. 

We evaluated everyone closely, picking apart minor details. Ultimately, we came to the conclusion that our whole team deserved to be employee of the month. Watching them intently and working right alongside them showed us that our team gives their best every single day. Continually hardworking and willing, we knew that they all deserved to be recognized. Also, we won’t lie, it was kind of an incentive that Billy would get pied in the face over and over again. Truly a win-win for everybody. 

Our post on Instagram of the Employee of the Month shenanigans shows how much fun we had, but it does not compare to the experience of actually being there. Laughter filled the walls of Charlie Foster’s as we all bonded over Billy’s face being smothered in whipped cream. The joy that everyone felt was easily recognizable from their wide grins. It is a memory that won’t be forgotten.

Moments like the Employee of the Month event is why we are so passionate about what we do here at Charlie Foster’s. It’s not just about the coffee for us, but about the people we get to be with everyday. We’re honored to have such a great team. This was the most fun event we’ve had yet. We like to think that little Charlie Foster would have been proud of our playful enthusiasm.

You can join us for events like these and share in on the laughter! We host multiple weekend events throughout the month. Every first Saturday of the month we host an EV Car meet. Huntsville EV Car owners, this one's for you! The second Saturday of each month is our Jeep Rally event. If your bio reads “Jeep Life,” this is the event you’ve been waiting for. And, if you’re just all in all a car enthusiast, we host a Cars and Coffee event every third Saturday of the month. So stop by and say “Watts up” to some of our employees of the month while you wrangle up a couple of coffees. Maybe check-in on Billy while you’re at it. We think he’s still cleaning whipped cream out of his nostrils. 

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